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Things to do so as to Get Licensed in South Carolina to take on Certain Projects as a Building Contractor

Most states are making amendments and reforms in their licensing laws especially to building contractors to take on specific building projects either commercial or residential in the hope to immensely reduce risks and accidents that take place due to poor construction making it very hard for people without qualification and experience to take on high value projects. One of these states that is really vigilant about licensing contractors is the state of South Carolina. When it comes to licensing in South Carolina, there is a board that has been put in place to handle all issues involving licensing including licensing of building contractors for both commercial and residential building works. There are certain things that one has to satisfy the board of licensing within South Carolina so as to become a valid contractor. The state of South Carolina is very vigilant about licensing of building contractors because its main purpose is to preserve and improve human life and living standards for the citizens and residents of South Carolina as buildings are one of the major risks involved with human life. Be it commercial or residential work, as long as they are above five thousand dollars in value, the state is very vigilant about licensing and approval of this. The article below covers how to become a general contractor in NC.

The very first thing to do when looking for licensing and approval to take on a project of such value in South Carolina be it residential or commercial, is to present an application to the licensing board. To commence this process, the building contractor has to submit a completely filled South Carolina Commercial Contractor Examination Registration form to PSI Exam Service center for the business and the law exam. Commercial building contractor, their forms are readily available at the rear of the PSI candidate's bulletin. For residential building contractors, their process is pretty much different and thus have to contact the licensing board so as to get further instructions. The PSI then issues the candidate with a letter of eligibility for them to take an examination after confirming all necessary requirements are met.

The contractors may also sit a computer NASCLA exam prep exam administered by the PSI and have to attain a minimum of 70% so as to qualify and also have to pass separate Business and law exam administered by South Carolina too. They are also further require to take home the South Carolina Code of laws exam.

Having attained the minimum score of 70%, the state of South Carolina licenses you to go forth with construction works.

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